On Saturday 20 May, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary!

On both Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2023, the public can indulge in the medieval atmosphere between 11am and 6pm.

If you come to Quondam on Saturday, you will also get to know NOCTURNA (gates stay open until 11pm!) "Quondam by night" so to speak ... Quondam's most atmospheric hours remained hidden from the general public until now ... for our 10th anniversary we are now making an exception ... let yourself be enchanted by the hundreds of fires, lanterns and spectacular fire shows.

Saturday   Sunday  
11:00 Start 11:00 Start
12:00 Start tournaments 11:30 Mass (Jousting field)
12:30 Joust 12:00 Start tournaments
Falconry 12:15 Joust
16:00 Battle of 't Hooghuys 13:30 Falconry
Kiddy Battle 14:00 Horse trails
17:30 Horse trails 15:00 Battle of 't Hooghuys
19:00 Falconry 15:30
Kiddy Battle
20:00 Final Joust 16:30 Final Joust
21:00 Various performances 17:00 Falconry
Fire show 18:00
23:00 End