Environmentally friendly Middle Ages

Respect for the history of our ancestors requires also respect for the future of the next generations. That’s why, just like people did during the Middle Ages, we do our best to limit the ecological footprint of Quondam as much as possible. Below, you can find a list of our initiatives:

  • Every visitor on Quondam drinks out of a reusable earthen goblet;
  • We use environmentally friendly and recyclable printed matter;
  • Local farmers can reuse our straw bales;
  • We give the organic waste of the medieval camps to our animals in the stable;
  • Our visitors can use free shuttle buses. In that way, we limit inconvenience for the neighbourhood;
  • We use biodegradable detergents;
  • We create a minimum amount of waste per visitor: 200g/visitor (Number: Afval Alternatief)
  • We use a transparent system in order to sort waste with pictograms for several nationalities, in corporation with partner Afval Alternatief (more info: http://www.afvalalternatief.be/);
  • We use season, local and biovegetables, in corporation with partner Bioplanet. (more info: http://www.bioplanet.be).