Medieval Market

Medieval Market

In the Middle Ages, tournaments used to last for multiple days. Eat, drink, sleep, repair weaponry… The participants did everything on location, because most of the time they came from a region far-away. In that way, a real temporary village arose next to the tournament fields.

What did our ancestors buy and sell?

Saturday & Sunday from 11h00 to 18h00

Wander cosily over the Medieval Market. Lots of merchants from more than twelve different countries like to show and sell the typical ware of our ancestors. Bracelets, delicacy, candles… There is something for everyone! The real fans can even buy medieval clothes and weapons.

Leatherpear Leatherpear Medieval Embroidery Medieval Embroidery Met und Mittelalter Met und Mittelalter Monfort Daniel Monfort Daniel Mouynet Roger Mouynet Roger Olivier Schram Olivier Schram Orde van Roosendael Orde van Roosendael Oud van Nieuw Oud van Nieuw Replic Art - Devogel Francis Replic Art - Devogel Francis Rongier Rongier Ruet Ruet Rábíci Rábíci Saladin's Oriental Specialities Saladin's Oriental Specialities Taranartos Taranartos The Blacksmith's Meadery The Blacksmith's Meadery Tinnegieter Locose Tinnegieter Locose Ton in Ton Ton in Ton Trouvailles d'Argile Trouvailles d'Argile Vasmaya & Vimir Vasmaya & Vimir William Langedock William Langedock Wollberg Corinna Conrad Wollberg Corinna Conrad Zwaard en Volk Zwaard en Volk Zwaard en Volk Zwaard en Volk